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For the last 25 years Auto Business Review has been closely monitoring the auto industry's new direction. Our first auto conference was conceived back in 2002 at Anatolia College and dealt with the then new Block Exemption Regulation. In 2005 we organized another successful conference titled "Automobiles and the Environment" with a panel of international experts. In 2008 we organized a landmark event titled "The Future of the Automobile" and continued with 4 consecutive "green" motor shows in the evergreen premises of the American Farm School of Thessaloniki, Greece. Our interest in sustainable mobility is evidently manifested throughout this site as we closely monitor the resurgence of electric vehicles after almost 100 years of inactivity -New York's fleet of electric taxis outnumbered any other type of cars back in the early part of last century. Although we have a fixation with the way "green" cars will take over, we are also nostalgic about the good old days of fancy motoring -be it Group B monsters, the unforgettable smell of Castrol oil in racing circuits and the dynamism of sports cars. Above all, we have a deep affection for vintage vehicles as our affiliated website (automotohistory.com) presents a nice collection of historic vehicles.

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We definitely believe that the history of the automobile is passing through a critical turning point. This is a century-old technology that witnessed dramatic developments but more or less stayed the same as fossil fuels are the name of the motoring game since the first oil well was discovered in Texas back in the 1920s...The dirty internal combustion engine is about to go extinct and give way to clean technologies like electric and hydrogen cars -well, with the slow growth of EVs, is this just wishful thinking? Autonomous driving is a reality and we now interact with cars thanks to smartphones and clever apps. Auto Business Review very much supports such developments as we are particularly eager to see how "green" cars will evolve in such a dynamic market. Until then, we are closely monitoring the technical, bureaucratic and economic challenges of the industry - also examining how the problems created by carbon dioxide emissions, traffic congestion and increased urban noise levels affect the auto market. Auto Business Review will keep a fixed eye to the industry's evolution, analyse market trends and provide extensive reportage of all related auto business stories.

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Is the golden era of performance cars coming to an end?

An old saying among car addicts has long been that "There is no replacement for displacement"... With public outcry over diesel and petrol engines, is it a sin to watch F1, get enthusiastic with WRC or drive a GTi?

For sure, seeking for beautiful car bodies and capturing automotive beauty with the photographic lens will never die...

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Auto Business Review is a content-rich website that engages the reader in many different directions. It consists of a group of specialized websites that provide a wide spectrum of industry news, automotive business reports, extensive market analysis and other pertinent information -such as emissions and climate change.


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We can undertake any kind of photographic project

From still photography all the way to capturing the dynamism of auto motion or organizing A/V productions, our inspiration complements the state-of-the art photographic gear that we use.

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